If you are looking for predesigned DTF transfers, you can find our collection here!

Otherwise, to order your custom DTF transfers, please complete the form below.

What are DTF (Direct to Film) transfers you ask? Direct to Film printing, or DTF, is a new technology that allows full colour designs to be printed onto special films. These films are then transferred onto a garment of choice (cotton, polyester, etc.) using an adhesive, and can last as long as screen print transfers (when pressed correctly and proper garment care is followed). Slight hand-feel (similar to HTV) but with no weeding and you get full colour prints instantly!


A few things to note:

1. All artwork that is uploaded must be print-ready. Meaning it must be a minimum of 300dpi, in a PNG (preferred format for best quality), PDF format, have a 100% transparent background, sized exactly how you want it printed, NOT mirrored, and if your artwork is small and you can fit more than one on a sheet you will need to edit your artwork to create a gang sheet to fill a page and you still only pay the sheet price!! *Any editing, by me, to your artwork will incur a $2.50 per design fee that will be added to your invoice. And remember, the quality of the print is solely dependent on the quality of the digital file provided by you-garbage in, garbage out.

2. You must use a heat press for these transfers. A home iron or other devices (such as a Cricut Easy Press) do not garner enough pressure or even heat application to properly adhere the transfer to a garment.


*Prepress garment to remove excess moisture

*Place transfer on shirt (vibrant side up facing you) 

*Cover with parchment paper or kraft/butcher paper (parchment paper gives the print a semi-gloss finish, and kraft/butcher paper gives the print a matte finish)

*Press at 160°C (320°F) for 15 seconds *medium pressure*

*COLD PEEL! This is very important

*Once peeled, press again with cover sheet of choice for 15 more seconds. Remove sheet.


4. WASHING INSTRUCTIONS:  Allow 24 - 48 hours to allow the garment to completely cure before machine washing. Wash inside out in cold water. Tumble dry LOW heat.

5. Prices. Full colour prints, ready to press. To fit on an 8x10" sheet $6.90 each.  To fit on an 11x15" sheet $9.20 each. Bulk volume pricing available starting at 50 transfers in a single order. All prices are plus applicable taxes and shipping (courier only at this time) per order.  You will receive your invoice via email from dishSwear.

Additional fees (if applicable): Set-up Fee $2.50/design (for me to edit your artwork to add more than one design to your sheet, adjust sizing, etc). Rush Fee (for orders requested sooner than the turnaround times outlined below) $4/transfer (capped at $60/order for large orders).

6. HOW TO ORDER: For custom transfers, simply fill in the form below and upload your print-ready artwork! Easy peasy! If you need to get in touch with me for any reason, you can send an email here.

7. TURNAROUND TIME: these are estimates and are subject to change. Below are estimates for production time of the transfers from date of order (before 3pm EST Mon-Fri). If order is placed after 3pm EST, the first day of production starts on the next business day.  Allow additional time for shipping transit and delivery. 




100 or more transfers, please email us before placing order  

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